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Drone Shots


Aerial photography and videography has given new perspectives not possible in the past. Our 4K drones enables us to show a complete property in one shot. We can also show the property lines and surrounding areas. Drone photos give you a real view of the the distance between a home and surrounding landmarks. We can even add text and graphics to a photo to mark nearby roads, schools and parks. We can do the same with video! In fact, we are one of the only real estate media companies that include this service at no additional cost when a photo or video session is booked.

You can find more on pricing here.


Our drone pilots are insured and Part 107 certified by the FAA. You can be assured that this service will be safe and enjoyable. There are some cases when drone services may not be available. This is due to FAA law and regulations and normally caused by restricted airspace. In other cases, weather such as high wind velocity may be a factor. If weather or airspace is not an issue, we would love to capture your listing from the sky!

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